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And if the ground's not cold, everything is gonna burn, We'll all take turns, I'll get mine too, 2022

iceberg images arranged and layered to create a portrait of the melting polar ice, printed and mounted on diabond

Fire and water mark the end of things, destruction, and demise, but throughout history fire and water can also signify rejuvenation and growth. This cycle of death and rebirth of nature and culture has repeated on this planet since the beginning of time as we know it. 

We are looking down the middle of the barrel of this cycle right now, and things are different. The planet is in trouble, and without the world's governments and its civilians taking extreme measures, we may see its complete demise and uninhabitable-ness in our lifetime, or at least the lifetime of our children.  

As the temperature heats up and many places around the world experience record breaking temperatures and supersized storms, our federal government is failing to act. The Supreme Court has recently restricted the E.P.A.’s authority to reduce pollution at power plants and the Senate has blocked the newest package of policies to reduce climate warming. What do we do, how shall we react when the biggest crisis facing mankind is being ignored? We need to rectify our systems of power, both literally and politically. 























as they’ve done to you 2022

burning police car images arranged and layered at 12% opacity, printed and mounted on diabond

The images we have created for Is this paradise… are made from our collections of fire and water-based tragedies that we built from online news stories of current events over the past few years.  For this exhibition we have taken our collections and amassed them together by subject matter, then arranged, collaged, and desaturated the individual images so much that you see through each particular new story and see how they all line up as a pattern or theme. The five composite images we have worked on for this exhibition are made from collections of burning police cars, oil rig fires, melting icebergs, homes in floods, and red tide coupled with toxic green algae.  





















confusion on the ground 2022

flooded house images layered and arranged to create a portrait of rising flood zones, printed and mounted on diabond

Through our process of compiling and desaturating, the composite photographs have intentionally both become lighter and, at the same time, heavier than a singular image of the same topic. There is a haunting beauty to the photographs, as the ghostly images are aligned, we look on though the layers of repeated tragedy as we come to the realization that we may have already surpassed the tipping point and still there are no answers, no one coming to save us, and the time to act is now.  

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