Ghost of a Dream

sculpture and installation- dream vacation

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day is done (series) 2013
one in the same 2013
this mess betweeen us 2013
songs about rainbows 2013
one life to live 2012
destiny mine 2012
remember when tomorrow came 2011
wind beneath my wings 2011
everybody wants some heaven 2011
dream ride 5,6,7 2010
always an occasion 2010
power sixes 2010
love and money 2010
this is it 2010
blazing bucks 2010
dream home 2009
scratch 2009
money mania 2008-2010
dream vacation 2008
dream car 2008


Dream Vacation 2008 120" x 120" x 120" $29,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets, wood steel, foam, speakers, and wheels


speaker fromDream Vacation- the sound is a sort of generic techno musak that is mixed from various collected casino recordings


wave and tube from Dream Vacation


detail of palm tree from Dream Vacation